Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bridgford Beef Jerky Original



I think you can buy this product all over. I've saw this jerky all over the country, usually you can find it in Kmart, Dollar General, Target, etc. It's a pretty average jerky product. It's what I would call "mainstream" jerky that can be bought at most mainstream stores. Mushy texture, chewy, very wet. Pretty bland "artificial" flavor. I once bought a bag of this stuff and it was full of mildew, I called the company and within a week they had 2 bags delivered to me free of charge-- that's classy. It kind of taste like some kind of cold cut meat. I really think that Jack Link's, Bridgford, Wal-Mart brand, etc is made by the same company, it really tastes all the same.... that's why I call them "mainstream".

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