Sunday, July 09, 2006

Butler's Smokehouse Dr. Pepper Beef Jerky



Yyyyyuuuuccccckk!!!! This stuff is awful!!!! I first saw this jerky at The Beef Jerky Emporium and immediatly thought that it would be a pretty good jerky. I love to try out novelty products and thought that a mixture of Dr. Pepper and beef jerky would be a combination that would be sweet and tasty. Boy, I couldn't be more wrong. This stuff is just nasty. Very greasy and sticky product, my hands were so wet and sticky after trying this stuff that I might as well stuck my hands in a bucket of Dr. Pepper and let it dry in the sun. I tried one piece of this jerky and quickly spit it out. I gave a piece of the jerky to my daughter (who loves beef jerky), and she also spit it out. I then brought the rest to work and gave a piece to a co-worker who managed to swallow the stuff, and then refused to have another piece.

I think the Beef Jerky Emporium stopped selling this stuff (couldn't find it on their website anymore), you can still find this stuff on the Butler's website at a high price along with a high shipping cost. Don't waste your money!!! I will try other Butler's products in the future, but not this one.

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