Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bridgford Shredded Fine Cut Beef Jerky

Bridgford Shredded Fine Cut Beef Jerky

Grade: B+

In case you don't already know. The majority of the time I find most commercial brands of beef jerky just average, and as you read on an earlier review I gave Bridgford Original Beef Jerky a C-, but there's something about this shredded beef jerky that I love. The Shredded Bridgford jerky has a completely different taste than other Bridgford products. It has a natural jerky flavor that is very good. It provides a good shredded consistency that is very natural tasting. It's not peppery or sweet, it just tastes like a good jerky. I can probably eat 6 cans of this stuff a night. I find it at every Dollar General or Family Dollar store that I've ever been to. When you break down the cost it's really costly, $1.25 for .32 ounces! But it tastes good and I find myself buying 4 or 5 canisters at a time. If only other Bridgford products tasted so good!

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