Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mingua Brothers Cajun Style

Mingua Brothers Cajun Style

Grade: D

I'm a big Mingua Brothers jerky fan. I love their original flavor and order it every couple of months. Being a cajun from Cut Off, Louisiana, I was excited to try their "cajun" flavor. What a disappointment this stuff was! This did not have any sort of cajun flavor at all. I kept on trying to figure out what the vile flavor was and then it hit me, it's more of a pizza flavoring, to me the flavor tasted more like a pizza flavor combo snack (you know, those little combo snacks that comes in a bag). A cajun flavor should also be a little spicy, but this was just mild and gross. The texture is the same great texture as the original Mingua jerky, but the flavor drops this jerky down to a grade D. Sorry Mingua Brothers, you need to come down to Cut Off to see what real cajun flavor is.

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