Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Devil's Tongue

Grade: B

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Lil Sweet Jalapeno Habanero

Grade: B

I was going to review these two Ed's Roadhouse Jerky flavors separately, but because they basically taste the same, I just will review them together. I received 2 -4 oz. bags as samples from Ed's Roadhouse Jerky company. On the bag it says that nobody beats his meat, and both flavors are very good. Both jerkies are moist, and they have a great texture, they have a slight BBQ? like flavor, it's not a strong overpowering BBQ flavor, but I can definitely taste a slight BBQ flavor, everyone who I got to try the jerky said the same thing. I can say that I have never had a jerky with the same flavor and is quit unique and good. The only negative I have is that the two samples were too hot for me. The label on the Devil's Tongue package said it wasn't for wimps and I guess I am a wimp because it was too hot for my tongue. But I'm definitly gonna finish both bags because the taste is unique and awesome. I really couldn't tell the difference between both jerkies in flavor. Maybe one was hotter than the other, but they both burned the same to me. I would have definitely given the jerky an A, if not for the heat. The jerky can be ordered, at Ed's website... I am ordering other flavors as soon as I finish this post, because the price is very reseaonable. I will be ordering Sweet Black Pepper flavor, Sweet and Spicy flavor, and Teriyaki Ginger flavor and post for a review for all of them in the future. Oh yea, make sure to refrigerate after opening because this jerky contains no preservates! Good job Ed!!


Anonymous said...

I've tried both of these flavors there is a big difference the devils tongue is way hotter then the Lil jalapeno habanero but both have great flavor not just heat. I don't like a jerky that's just Hot it's got to have some flavor to it.

I definitely would recommend these two jerkys if you like hot.


Anonymous said...

I have had all of Ed's Hot jerky's first off I like spicy and hot and the devils tongue is by far the tastiest hot jerky I have ever experienced. the flavor is just awesome it keeps you wanting more. If you like hot jerky this is the one with just great great flavor I can't say more!

Robert E. FL

PS: Ed keep up the great JERKY!!

Anonymous said...

Rodger rocks?!


RICHARD said...

I've been ordering from Ed's for the last 5 months, and I have tried almost all the flavors. I think the raspberry habanero is the best--excellent flavor, not overpowering in the raspberry department but just enough sweetness. Second best is the Ghost Pepper, although this is probably too hot for many, I can handle it, and I really like it. I can say almost all the flavors are great, with the exception of the ginger flavors, because the ginger flavor doesn't really go well with jerky imho. Do yourself a favor and order some of Ed's jerky--you won't be sorry.

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