Friday, June 19, 2009

Buffalo Bill's Premium Spicy Beef Jerky

Buffalo Bill's Premium Spicy Beef Jerky

Grade: A

I recently purchased this little bag of jerky at the Beef Jerky Outlet, it was just sitting by itself looking lonely, it was the only package of Buffalo Bill's in a store full of jerky, so I picked it up thinking that it would be nothing special. In fact, the owner of the store told me that he really didn't care for the jerky. So I was not expecting much when I opened the bag. But after eating the entire bag in one sitting, I've got to say... this jerky is very good and surprised me. It's called Premium Spicy but it's really not spicy at all. The flavor is very unique and has a distinct sweetness to it that is very good. The uniqueness of the flavor really stands out and that's why I give it an A. I like a jerky to be unique and different, and this one really is. The texture is awesome too, kind of thick, but it's dried perfectly and when you start to chew the jerky it has the perfect consistency that I like. Nice to chew and and very moist in your mouth. Good stuff. The only thing is that I checked their website and the only way to order this jerky is 12 - 1oz packages. They have other varieties sold in other sizes (that's what I just ordered), but I wish that this would be available in individual orders instead of having to order 12 at a time. If I see this on a shelf somewhere again I will definitely be picking it up.

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