Sunday, June 21, 2009

Buffalo Bill's Sweet N' Spicy

Buffalo Bill's Sweet N' Spicy Beef Jerky

Grade: B

This jerky was included in my father's day basket of jerky given to me by my daughters. First thing, I like the consistency of this jerky. Thin sliced, kind of dry to start off with but nice and moist when you start to chew it. Very good texture. The taste is unique, very sweet and I taste a bit of a nutty taste to it for some reason. You can definitely tell that they use Teriyaki Sauce in this stuff and brown sugar. The thing that keeps me from giving this jerky an A is because the name of the jerky is called Sweet N' Spicy and is not spicy at all. They should have just named the jerky "Sweet Jerky" instead, because I'm getting no heat from this at all. Overall a good and unique jerky that I'd definitely order again but I just wish there was a bit of "spicy" element to it to push it over the edge.

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