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Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Sweet Black Pepper

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Sweet Black Pepper

Grade: A+

Readers of beefjerkyland, I think I may have found my new favorite jerky! This stuff is incredible. If you read my last couple of reviews about Ed's Roadhouse Jerky- I found that two flavors I reviewed were good but a bit too hot. Well, I ordered some different flavors from Ed and this is the first one I tried from that order. People, this stuff is awesome. With most black pepper flavor jerky, the black pepper overwhelms the jerky and all you end up doing is tasting only the pepper. Not with Ed's. You get a slight pepper taste along with the great taste of the seasonings he uses on his jerky. You still feel a little heat after eating the jerky but it's the perfect amount of heat. As for as the flavor, this jerky has the best flavor I think I ever had in a jerky. A touch of sweetness with a burst of unique flavors that I can't really describe. The ingredients read like your normal beef jerky ingredients, but Ed most have a few secrets in there because I never had a jerky so tasty. And as for the texture, this jerky literally melts in your mouth! On the bag it says it's made to order to maintain the freshness and premium quality, and after eating the jerky I tend to believe him. You can order Ed's jerky at, it's very reasonably priced and easy to order from them. On Ed's site he takes pride in saying that his jerky is not pressed, chopped, processed, or formed like a lot of other store bought jerky and is not loaded with preservatives or additives, this must make a huge difference in the product, beause this stuff is top notch. Ed, my hat off to you, whoever you are... You have just made this beef jerky fan a lot happier!


Anonymous said...

This jerky is absolutely delicious. All the flavors are fabulous, especially the habenero jalapeno I like a hot and spicy jerky and the flavor here is right on the money! The texture is perfect it's just the way I like it. A Great, natural product. I can't wait to receive my next order.


bobhalford said...

I love Ed's. Does anyone keep the jerky in the fridge? I don't know if it really needs to go in there, but it says on the package that it needs to be refrigerated. I just find that cooling it, then returning it to room temp is a pain, especially if I'm not eating the whole bag in one sitting.

Stacey said...

love eds. my family lives in hoffman estates, IL, just a short distance away from ed's. they send me ed's stuff quite often. DO keep it refrigerated. i learned the hard way. theres another family owned company we use - incredible jerky great great jerky stuff as well, and awesome for low carb diets, especially their chicken jerky. (amazingly low priced too, for those jerky addicts who spend half of their salary on jerky)

Anonymous said...

Re: Reply to Stacey's post.

I work for Ed's RoadHousE and there has never been any orders placed from anyone in Hoffman Estates, IL at any point.

I do not like to see someone trying to advertise there jerky on the tails of a great product like Eds'. People should want to earn a good product reputation on the merits of there own product. So my advise is to send some of this new jerky to Harold for review and stand on your own.

Anonymous said...

This is a great tasting black pepper jerky out of three different brands I have purchased online recently that had some great reviews.

I found this to be the best tasting so far!

The stuff in the stores around here just doesn't cut it.

Would definitely purchase again.


GixxerNick02 said...

Horrible customer service. I live in Chicago a mere 30 minutes from where they're located. Over 3 weeks have went by since my order and I still have not received my package. I've called and sent emails with no response. Do not do business with Ed's.

Nick Mardirosian

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Their Customer Service has got to be the the ambolutey most rude behavior I have ever experienced! Do not care about their Customers.. Too bad,, I have also seen only Positive reviews for them.. usually on Face Book and the "Other" jerky review site. The Reviewers? The same people and the same anonymous. I find that more than a Negative in ordering from them. Signed, Anonymous DAVE in Southern Michigan

Anonymous said...

Have had the same negative experience, ordered online using paypal and been 10 days with nothing, email, and even phone mesaages go unanswered. Product quality isn't worth anything if you have no motivation to deliver the same level of quality in how you deliver and respond to customers. True sign of an amateur, and one that will surely end the business once 'Ed' starts fighting personal illness. If he doesn't care, any family members involved surely won't, and the business will further slide off the map and a legacy remembered by few as great tasting product from someone who wasn't smart enough to run a small business.

Anonymous said...

This is just a poorly run company that makes good jerky. Several years ago, they ignored Emails inquiring why purchased product had not been received. Finally, after several phone calls< i reached a letter who advised it would be sent out soon. My last purchase, and no better run today than back then. Many unfavorable reviews on YELP. Sell this company to someone who understands business!!

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