Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beef Biltong - Regular

Beef Biltong - Regular

Grade: D

I got this bag of jerky at the Beef Jerky Outlet in Denham Springs a while back and finally came up with the desire to review it. The owner of the store explained that Biltong jerky is based in South Africa and they use vinegar to cure their meat. I thought that the jerky might be unique and have a nice vinegar taste to it, but I was wrong. This stuff is very bland. The consistency is thin, but kind of powdery and not too good. For some reason the flavor kind of reminded me of bologna. You would think that with a vinegar base that it would have a tangy kind of flavor, but no, it was very bland, pretty awful tasting stuff. I passed it around to friends and they all had the same opinion. I threw out most of the jerky and didn't finish it all, save your money, don't fall for the "hype" like I did.

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