Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ed Roadhouse Jerky - Sweet & Spicy "Orange Beef"

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Sweet & Spicy "Orange Beef"

Grade A+

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a huge Ed's Roadhouse Jerky fan! I find that he has some of the best and unique tasting jerkies you can buy today. When I first heard about this new flavor, I knew that it would be good, but I had no idea that it would be this good! This flavor has overtaken Ed's Sweet Black Pepper flavor and has become my favorite jerky. Let's start off with the quality of this jerky, Ed's jerky is nice and thin just like I like my jerky. The freshness and quality of the meat he uses surpasses any jerky on the market today. When you eat the jerky it literally melts in your mouth, there's no other way to describe it. Not only do these qualities apply to this jerky, it applies to every flavor he sells. Now, on to the flavor of this jerky... just like the name says, sweetness with a little spiciness (not overpowering) and then BAM, the orange flavor hits your taste buds and it's a combination that will knock you off your seat and before you know it the entire bag is gone. Three other people tried this jerky and couldn't believe how good it was (and one of the people don't even like jerky!). I could go on and on about how great this jerky is, but you need to try it yourself. You can order it from Ed's website, It's very reasonably priced $3.75 for 2oz. I've been eating a lot of mediocre jerky over the last month that wasn't even worth writing about, but this stuff gets me excited for jerky again!! Good job Ed!!


Anonymous said...

I found this stuff through your review and could not beleive how great it was. I now am hooked. Ed's roadhouse has my vote.

Kris - Florida

Anonymous said...

I bought only 1 bag of orange and 2 of the sweet black pepper which is just great tasting Dam if I knew this orange was this good I would have bought more!

I just find this orange jerky to be one of a kind literally the flavor is just awesome, I took your word on the review and tried this for my self and this is just absolutely great tasting jerky. I was a little skeptical on the orange but what a surprise in flavor of this stuff.

I would say this has to be the best fruit flavored jerky I have ever tasted with out a doubt.

Matt.G,Boston Mass

Anonymous said...

Ed you have some one of a kind jerky here. The flavor of the orange and spiceness goes so well with each other that it makes this jerky so addicting you don't want to put the bag down DAM!!!

I'v tasted a lot of jerky but nothing comes close or compares to this flavor. Great Jerky!!!

Also Thanks for the sample of devils tongue it's a little to hot for my taste but my room mate loved it. I think he just ordered himself some.

Thanks again

Scott B , Naples FL

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