Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buffalo Bills Western Cut Original Jerky

Buffalo Bills Western Cut Original Jerky

Grade: C

A while back I reviewed Buffalo Bill's Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky and for some reason this jerky tastes just like their Sweet & Spicy variety! The jerky has a great texture and makes for a good chew, but every once in a while you run into a tough piece of jerky. The jerky has a "greasy" feel to it and you'll definitely be washing your hands after eating a bag of this jerky. The problem I have with the jerky is that when a jerky has a variety called "original", I think of a taste of meat with some spices and less of an overpowering sweetness. This stuff is very sweet and could use a little more spiciness to offset the sweetness. They probably marinate the meat in Teriyaki Sauce which makes the jerky feel kind of greasy. I'm starting to think that maybe all Buffalo Bill's jerky tastes the same. The ingredients says it contains black pepper, but I did not see or taste any pepper at all. Again, not a bad jerky, but a very disappointing one that tastes just like their "Sweet & Spicy" variety. If I try another variety of Buffalo Bill's that has the same taste as this one and their Sweet & Spicy flavors then I'm going to be rethinking my ratings for the entire Buffalo Bills brand, you cannot serve the same jerky over and over with the only difference being the name on the bag!

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