Monday, September 14, 2009

My rant against Mingua Beef Jerky new shipping policy

Mingua Brothers makes one of my favorite jerkys out there, but unfortunately it looks like I won't be eating their jerky again. I was recently making an order from them and when I came to check out I noticed that they now only offer one shipping option, FedEx, and because of the change of the shipping method, they now have to charge over $9 to ship one bag of jerky. $9 for one 8oz bag!!! So many companies like Ed's Roadhouse, Holston Mountain, Fesperman's, etc. offer to ship their jerky via USPS and it cuts down the price of shipping cost big time. I emailed Mingua and voiced my complaint and asked why they now only offer FedEx shipping and no other methods, but got no response. I guess Mingua is making so much money now that they don't care about their customers, but to me this is bad business and they just lost a customer with me until they rethink this new shipping policy.

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ArmadilloPepper said...

We carry Mingua Beef Jerky in our on-line store. You can select the type of shipping you want ranging from USPS first class mail to priority mail to FedEx. In summary, our shipping cost for one bag of jerky is very inexpensive.

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