Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Couple O' Jerks - Original Recipe Beef Jerky

A Couple O' Jerks Original Recipe Beef Jerky

Grade: B-

A Couple O' Jerks jerky comes with a warning on their bag, it states, "We believe that when you take a bite of jerky, it should bite back!". And this jerky does have a "bite". It's a heat that doesn't hit you until you have the jerky in your mouth for a little while, but when it hits, it hits. When you first taste the jerky you get a nice mix of flavors along with the beef taste, it's very good, you can definitely taste worcestershire and onion flavors along with others, but then the heat kicks in and overpowers the taste completely. So really you are getting two flavors, the original flavor of the worcestshire and other spices and then you get the heat flavor. It's actually a pretty good mix. And the heat stays with you a long time after you eat the jerky. The problem I have with the jerky that drops it to a B- is that the jerky is too dry! I like my jerky on the dry side, but this jerky is just too dry. Because of the dryness it makes the jerky kind of hard to eat and chew. I've had people comment to me that some jerky is hard to eat and I never understood that, but after eating A Couple O' Jerks jerky I can see where they are coming from. While you're chewing this jerky it all breaks up in your mouth and is very dry and brittle. So flavor wise this is a hit if you like a spicy jerky with a "bite", but texture wise it really disappointed me because of the dryness of the jerky. You can order the jerky on their website, The price is very good, I paid $7.80 for a 4 ounce bag, and the shipping was reasonable.

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