Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Joe's Beef Jerky - Regular

Joe's Beef Jerky - Regular

Grade: C

Bland, that the word to describe Joe's jerky. It's not bad, but it's not great, it's stuck in the middle. I like the texture and the cuts of meat that Joe uses for his jerky, nice slabs of meat, nice dryness that moistens up when you chew it. I have no problem with the jerky's texture at all, the problem I do have with it is that it's just too bland. When you chew this jerky you get the meat flavor but hardly anything else. There's barely any seasoning taste at all. I don't need my jerky to be overseasoned, but this jerky tastes like they forgot to marinate it or add seasoning to it. It's a good try and maybe Joe's other flavors will be better than this one, but for me this is just average jerky with hardly any taste. Joe's jerky can be ordered on his website,, the prices are $13.00 for a half pound of jerky, and the shipping rates are very reasonable. Again, not a bad jerky just a jerky on the bland side.


Stacey said...

hi there. do you think you can do a post about jerky prices, specifically interested in finding out the best jerky prices you found. everyone seems to sell in small quantities, but prices "bite". what about buying by the lb and larger quantities. What companies have you found to have an edible product at best prices? just a suggestion for a post that i think would itnerest a lot of people. Thank you for considering

Anonymous said...

"Everyone" Stacy is putting together prices for her
website: and she needs help!

Especially with the larger quantities. What she is looking for is companies to copy their jerky pricing come on let's help her out.

Remember if it wasn't for you she wouldn't have the right pricing!!!

Dick Tracy

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