Monday, November 23, 2009

Buffalo Bills Country Cut - Teriyaki

Buffalo Bills Country Cut - Teriyaki

Grade: B-

Buffalo Bills brand beef jerky has always been hit or miss with me. I loved their Premium Spicy jerky, but found their Western Cut Original just average. This jerky is good but not as good as their Premium Spicy jerky. The texture of the jerky is on the moist and tender side just like it states on the package. Your fingers will be wet when you eat this jerky. If you read other reviews of mine, you know I prefer my jerky on the "dryer" side, but the moist and tender texture makes this a good chew. The jerky has a nice "meaty" flavor, with a bit of sweetness (the ingredients state, "maple flavor" and that is probably what is giving it the sweetness flavor). You can also taste the onion and garlic powder slightly. The soy sauce also has a presence in the taste. If I were eating this in a blind taste test, I would never guess it was Teriyaki flavor jerky. So if you're looking for a strong Teriyaki flavor jerky then this may not be the jerky for you, to me it has more of a roast flavor instead of a Teriyaki flavor. Still, I ate the whole bag and would not turn it away if it was offered again. You can find the jerky on their site,

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