Monday, November 23, 2009

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Sweet & Spicy "Apple"

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Sweet & Spicy "Apple"


If you read this blog on a regular basis then you know that I'm a huge fan of Ed's Roadhouse Jerky. I said it before and I'll say it again, Ed makes some of the best, most unique jerky out there. Go to his website and you'll see jerky flavors like, Sweet & Spicy Orange, Hawaiian Pineapple Ginger, BBQ Chipotle jerky just to name a few. No other companies that I know of have combinations like that. And now Ed comes out with Sweet & Spicy Apple! When I first heard about this flavor from Ed's, I thought for sure it would have a spicy apple cider flavor, but I was wrong. The flavor is not unlike Ed's Sweet & Spicy Orange flavor, but instead of the orange flavor, it has a nice hint of apple. And like the Sweet & Spicy Orange, the apple flavor doesn't overpower the nice sweet & spiciness of the jerky. Again, like all of Ed's jerky it's a very unique flavor that must be tried to appreciate. The jerky itself is of the high quality that Ed's jerky always is. In case you've never tried Ed's jerky before, his jerky literally melts in your mouth. The meat used is very high quality and the jerky is always fresh. Ed's Roadhouse has done it again and has come up with a real winner here. Ed's jerky can be bought online at his site, His prices are unbelievable for the high quality of jerky you are getting, and the shipping is very reasonable! Ed recently stated that he's working on a new flavor that will take beef jerky to a whole new level and after seeing the jerky he has put out already, I believe him!


Anonymous said...

I have only been ordering from Ed's roadhouse jerky for about 3 or 4 month's now but each order I receive just reminds me of what awesome jerky this really is . I have to say my favorite is the Sweet Black Pepper. But I can't wait to try this new flavor (sweet & spicy apple). If it is like Harold says, I know I will not be disappointed.

Keep up the nice reviews Harold

Pete, Chicago

Mike said...

funny how someone posts a positive review for eds almost immediately following your blog entry - yes, they are all fake comments by ed and staff, but come on - can you guys be a little less obvious? is business that bad? your short, but up to the point and keyword-laden snippets are just what you need. PATHETIC TACTIC!!

Pete said...

IF MIKE would take the time to read the comment, my post is not a positive comment on the apple jerky BECAUSE it is not even on there site for sale yet. The comment I left is for the Sweet black pepper. I did say I am waiting to try this new stuff because of the great tasting stuff I have had so far from Eds . It sure seems other jerky people are threatened by Ed's stuff because the taste is just so good. I have been trying all kinds of jerky for the past 4 month's with a broken leg and foot. So I have a lot of extra time on my hands. Reading the reviews and trying different jerkies has helped pass the time. So far Eds is my #1, #2 would have to be Sograte and I don't have a #3 as of now.

So, NO I AM NOT FAKE and as I said before: Harold keep up the great reviews.

Pete - Chicago

Anonymous said...

Harold. have you ever tried jerky from firehouse jerky? my DS liked it, i hated it. would love your opinion. thanx

Jack Winthrop, Scottsdale

Harold said...

Just ordered some Firehouse jerky. Will write a review in the future. Thanks for letting me about it.

Anonymous said...

This is some great tasting jerky.
I received a gift package from home
that had Eds Roadhouse Jerky in it and actually me and the group just ordered some more since my package didn't last long, we all share here.

Anyway,I just love the taste of the apple with the spiciness a great flavor combination and had to have some more.

I thought a little out of the ordinary apple but WOW!

Great Jerky Ed!

Katie.G/US Navy

Anonymous said...

I think this has to be the best fruit flavored jerky I have ever tasted. My kids just love this and the best part is there's no preservitives I don't like to give my kids things that are loaded with all kind of additives I can't even pronounce !

Eds Roadhouse jerky has my vote and my kids also.


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