Thursday, November 26, 2009

Josephson's Smoked Original Salmon Jerky

Josephson's Smoked Original Salmon Jerky

Grade: F

Have you ever eaten something so bad that you know you will have nightmares about it. Well, I have, and it's called Josephson's Smoked Original Salmon Jerky. A couple of friends were at the house and I decided to pull this jerky out to try it with them. As soon as I opened this bag and the smell hit me, I knew I was in trouble. The smell is awful. Think about a rotten fish smell, and that's what you have. I was about to throw the jerky out as soon as the smell hit me, but being a trooper, I tried it. It didn't taste as bad as it smelled but the taste was horrible. It tasted like rotten fish to me. They sell this for $9.95 for 3 ounces. I ended up giving some to my cats, who seemed to love it. So this jerky will be used as expensive cat treats.


Anonymous said...

what do you know about jerky anyway. I've read much of your reviews - you seem to be acting as a cheerleader for ED's roadhouse - i bet you get free stuff from them. Why else would you say that their outrageous $37 a pound price is a great value - come on now. For example - sograte is much better and less expensive. Locals here in Omaha make jerky from farm-raised meats that are more expensive than store bought - and their price per lb isnt anywhere near that

Doug in Omaha

Harold said...


I know what I like, and just giving my opinion. If you look at my Sograte reviews, I gave both flavors an A. And ED's jerky is $27 a pound about the same price as Sogrates. They are both great products and that's why they both got A's. Do your research before you complain.

Anonymous said...

Harold, i was floored by the shipping on this jerky $30.00 shipping is a joke! here the package was sealed on April 23rd and good till Oct 20Th if the product is good for this long why are they charging shipping 3 times the cost of the product and only offering next day shipping or 2nd day air ? i think this is just plain outrageous what do they take their customers for idiots.


Anonymous said...

I tried this once that's all it took for me. I bought it locally and didn't have to pay any shipping good thing because I threw it out what a waste of money.

Want some good online salmon jerky go to www.Just Smoked this place has some great salmon jerky and for $22.96 a LB a way better deal with $13.95 shipping the site is a little generic but the salmon jerky is excellent not fishy at all.

Captain Ron,Oregon

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