Thursday, November 05, 2009

Smoky Mountain Beef Jerky - Roasted Garlic

Smoky Mountain Beef Jerky - Roasted Garlic

Grade: A

I've really become a fan of the Smoky Mountain brand of jerky lately. I've had their Elk and Venison jerky but this is the first time I review their beef jerky. I wanted to try out the Roasted Garlic flavor first since it sounded like an interesting jerky to try from them, and this one does not disappoint at all. Smoky Mountain jerky's texture is how I like my jerky, thin and dry that moistens up when you start chewing. The first jerky I ever ate, when I was a kid, had the same texture, and so I'm very partial to that type of jerky. This jerky also packs a nice flavor, Smoky Mountain must marinate their beef well, because this jerky has all kind of flavors coming from it, the main one being garlic of course. The garlic doesn't overpower the other flavors and is kind of subtle but it's definitely in there. I can taste Worcestershire, a very small hint of sweetness, garlic, a little soy sauce and a combination of spices that are out of this world. Good quality jerky with great flavors make this jerky an A on my scale. Yes, the sodium is kind of on the high side, but who cares about that when you are eating jerky. You can order this jerky and all of Smoky Mountain's jerky on their website, . The price for 4oz was only $5.75 and to ship 4 bags of jerky the shipping was $8.99, they used FedEx and I got the jerky in 2 days (wow!). Again, a high quality jerky that really packs a nice flavor punch.


Matthew said...

Harold, Would definitely try this one based on yoru review. Does it have minced garlic pieces over their jerky or just garlic flavor?

thank you for your great reviews. Matt

Harold said...


The jerky has some garlic on the jerky itself. The garlic isn't as big as minced garlic, more like garlic flakes. The flakes stick to the jerky itself, it isn't a lot of flakes, but it makes for a great flavored jerky. And for the price, you really can't go wrong.

Thanks for the compliment.

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