Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Spicy Fajita Fiesta

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Spicy Fajita "Fiesta"

Grade: A

Ed now has 13 flavors of jerky available now that he has added this flavor to his web site. I'm under the belief that instead of having regular dreams at night that he dreams of different flavors of jerky that he can try to make. This jerky's flavor definitely has a "mexican" taste to it. When I first tried it, I caught a salsa taste to it and the other people that tried it said the same thing. Then as I ate more and more it became more of a spicy mexican chili flavor, then when I got to the bottom of the bag it reminded me fajitas from a mexican restaurant. So in summary, the flavors of the jerky has unique elements with the main element being a mexican flavor. It's a jerky you really have to try to appreciate. I could put this jerky on a soft tortilla, throw some salsa and sour cream on it and really make a meal out if it. This jerky does have a heat kick to it so be warned if you're sensitive to this type of thing, I didn't find it too spicy for a wimp like me, but just take note that it does have a kick. The texture of the jerky is the same as all of Ed's jerky, nice and tender and it melts in your mouth. If you haven't tried any of Ed's jerky yet, you are really missing out. You can order all of Ed's jerky from his website, He offers his jerky in just about any size imaginable, all the way from 2 ounce bags to 80 ounce bags, and his shipping prices are very reasonable. I'm curious to see what type of flavors Ed will dream up next, I still hope one day that someone will come out with a pickle flavored jerky!


Nick from Riverside said...

Okay, I just wanted to leave a comment about something that been bothering me a little, I ordered Three different kinds of jerky all on the same day a couple weeks ago(Robertson's, Mingua Bros,and my favorite, Ed's Roadhouse)Ed's is made in my home state mind you.Anyways, I receive the Rodertson's and Mingua Bros. Jerky within TWO Days. This is where my problem comes in, I simply LOVE ED's Jerky, but why does it take almost TWO WEEKS for the package to travel 34 miles?I understand this jerky is made to order,I just don't get it. I'm almost tempted to drive there and pick up myself.It's that good!!!And yes, I did try the Fajita,It was great! You can really taste the onion and green pepper.Please let me know if you have had similar experiences. If they corrected this, I would be ordering TWICE a month, instead of once a month(which is still a lot of jerky mind you) Thanks, Nick in Riverside

Anonymous said...

Nick as always we appreciate feed back from our customers. I looked up your last order stats, your order was placed on Jan 2 (Sat) 2:45 a.m. and
was mailed thru USPS Priority mail on the 6Th they logged it in on the 7Th and you received it on the 11Th. It took 3 days to process your order. For some reason the post office didn't put it out for delivery until the 9Th and it was received on the 11Th at 9:46 a.m.. I am really sorry for the postal delay and I will work on finding a way to expedite the orders. I am glad to hear that you enjoy our jerky and as always we strive to make every order a smooth one.

Mary @ Ed's RoadHousE Jerky

Nick from Riverside said...

Thanks Mary, I kinda figured that delay was due to our great (ha!) postal service we have in the U.S. Can't wait for the next package!Thank you for the prompt response. Nick

Anonymous said...

This is The Bomb Man! The flavor this jerky has going on is unbelievable taste just like some fajitas throw in a tortilla and salsa that's it
Excellent jerky if I do say so myself.

Hot Peppa, Feel The Heat!!!!

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