Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Robertson's Real Beef Jerky - Hickory Smoked

Robertson's Real Beef Jerky - Hickory Smoked

Grade: A+

A word of warning to the readers of my blog, I have a special place in my heart for the type of jerky that Robertson's makes, it's the type of jerky that I grew up with and it's the type of jerky that I used to take with me on my long 8 hour trips to Texas that I used to make 6 or 8 times a month for work. This stuff is great. Robertson's jerky texture is very much on the dry side and I love that dryness, it makes for a fantastic chew once you start on it and lasts a long time. Don't take the dryness for being too hard to chew because it's not, it moistens up quickly once you start to chew the jerky, take a sip of beer or soda with the jerky and you're in jerky heaven. The flavor is awesome, some saltiness, a little pepper, the hickory smoke flavor and maybe a little sweetness and that's it. The spices do not overtake the "meat" flavor and makes for an unbelievable taste. The smokiness to the jerky is outstanding and it's not over smoked at all. The jerky comes in long "slabs" and you have to break off pieces to eat. Again, this style of jerky is outstanding in my book and Robertson's does an awesome job with it. The name describes it best "Robertson's Real Beef Jerky", and it is my readers it is. You can order Robertson's jerky on their website, I paid $12.95 for half a pound of jerky plus shipping costs, they carry all types of meats that I may one day try out.

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Nick said...

I ordered some of this and Mingua Bros. about two weeks ago, I enjoyed it a lot! I would give it an A myself, for great flavor and an excellent chew. Nick

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