Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Smoky Mountain Beef Jerky - Sweet BBQ

Smoky Mountain Beef Jerky - Sweet BBQ

Grade: B-

Another good jerky from Smoky Mountain. This one is called Sweet BBQ flavor and it really describes the flavor of the jerky perfectly. Unlike most of the other flavors of Smoky Mountain jerky that I tried the texture of this jerky is much "wetter" and more moist than their other flavors which usually are more on the dry side. It probably has to do with the sweet BBQ marinade they use on this jerky. You'll definitely have to wash your hands after you eat some of this jerky because your hands will be sticky. The jerky makes for a great chew once you start munching on a piece, and is very easy to eat. The flavor is like the name implies, a sweet BBQ flavor that really overpowers the taste of the meat. The flavor is very much on the sweet side with a taste of BBQ sauce thrown in. On the bag they list brown sugar as an ingredient for the jerky and I could tell that they used it before even reading the ingredients. While eating the jerky, you get a piece now and then with some heat to it, not all the pieces have the heat kick, but you do find a piece every once in a while with a kick. There's one thing that keeps this jerky from getting a higher score and that is because after a few pieces of this jerky you start getting tired of the sweet BBQ flavor. It has a flavor that I could only enjoy every now and then and the flavor prevented me from eating too much of it at one sitting. The sweet BBQ flavor really gets to you in a bad way after eating too much at one time. It gets a B- because I still enjoyed it somewhat in small doses. You can order all of the Smoky Mountain products at, This bag cost me $5.75 for 4oz and the shipping was reasonable. Another good product by Smoky Mountain even if I only could eat this jerky in small batches.

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