Monday, December 07, 2009

Sograte - Chili Lime Beef Jerky

Sograte - Chili Lime Beef Jerky

Grade: A

I always forget how good Sograte jerky is until I open a bag and start eating it. So far, I have tried the Original and Texas Heat flavors and both have not disappointed me and were outstanding. The Chili Lime flavor is no exception. The jerky like all their jerky is a little on the "thicker" side and makes for a great chew. When you start chewing the jerky it's very moist and is great. The flavor is outstanding. It's on the "hotter" side, but the heat doesn't overpower the other flavors. Sograte does an excellent job in their seasonings, each flavor doesn't overpower the other and they all combine to make a great taste. There is a bit of heat to this jerky, but not too much for my sensitive taste buds. There is also a nice smokiness to the jerky that makes a great finish. Once again, the smokiness doesn't overpower the other spices like so many other smoky jerkys do, but the natural smokiness does linger along with the heat of the jerky that leaves a great taste in your mouth after eating the jerky. I was afraid that this "chili" flavor would have a nasty taste like other "chili" products, like chili flavored fritos or chili flavored Slim Jims, but this flavor is not like those at all. The only small negative that I have about this jerky is that I wish it would have more of a Lime flavor. With a name like Chili Lime, I thought that there would be more of a tartness to the jerky, but unfortunately I can barely even distinguish the lime flavoring in the jerky. I think that a more pronounced lime flavor would have really meshed well with the Chili heat and made this jerky even better. I was curious and cut a fresh lime and put some lime juice on this jerky to see what flavor I would get, and it was awesome, the acidity of the lime juice really complimented the chili flavor of the jerky and made it even better. Even with that small negative this is one terrific jerky that goes great with a nice cold beer. You can get this jerky on their website, It's $5.00 for 3 ounces and they offer a flat shipping rate of $4.95. For a high quality jerky like this it's a great deal.


Daniel B said...

no new reviews in a while. is all ok? look forward to more.

danny b, tulsa

Harold Dufrene said...

Been out of town and super busy lately, new batch of reviews should be up tonight or tomorrow.

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