Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Sweet 'N "Spicy" - Lil Smokey

Ed's Roadhouse Jerky - Sweet 'N "Spicy" - Lil Smokey


I've come to the conclusion that Ed from Ed's Roadhouse Jerky is on a personal mission to make every flavor of jerky that one can possibly think of. Just go to his website and look at the flavors available! Flavors like Hawaiian Pineapple Ginger, Sweet Red Pepper, Inferno Ghost Pepper, Spicy Sweet Apple and Spicy Fajita are just a few of the flavors out of about 17 or more flavors he has for sale at his site. Now I normally wouldn't be impressed by the amount of flavors a company has if the jerky is horrible, but as you know (if you've been reading this blog at all), Ed in my book makes some of the best jerky you can buy, thus making the awesome flavor combinations even better!

Ed's newest jerky available is called - Sweet 'N Spicy - Lil Smokey and it describes the jerky perfectly. When you first start on the jerky the natural meat flavor is very noticeable, then the different combination of seasonings hit you, then the sweet smoky taste comes out, then it all ends with a nice heat punch, that isn't mouth burning hot, but leaves a nice hotness in your mouth after chewing the jerky. It's an awesome jerky eating experience. The sweetness is not overly sweet, but probably gets it's sweetness from the "Sweet Apple Smoke" that is included in the ingredients, Molasses is also listed in the ingredients that probably gives it another burst of sweetness. A lot of jerkys that are called Sweet & Spicy usually are either way too sweet and not spicy enough, or way too spicy and not sweet enough, it's a combination that companies seem to have a hard time with, not with this jerky it's a great even mixture of sweet and spicy. The smokiness and heat of the jerky is perfect. As someone who doesn't like their jerky overly hot, this Sweet N Spicy flavor fits the heat quota perfectly. I gave some of this jerky to a coworker and I asked them what they thought and he said it perfectly, "As you chew the jerky you get different flavors the longer you chew it".

The texture is the same as all of Ed's great jerky. Like I stated in previous reviews, Ed's jerky simply melts in your mouth and is so fresh tasting that you would swear he made it an hour ago. The ingredients say "Angus Beef" and it's an awesome cut of meat.

Ed's jerky can be ordered online at his website, www.edsroadhousejerky. He sells the jerky in various size packages, anywhere from 2 oz packages all the way to 5 pound packages. I've always found Ed's prices reasonable and what I like about ordering from him is that if you're short on cash or want to try a different flavor from him then you can order the small 2 oz bags. In conclusion, Ed has another winning flavor on his hands with this Sweet 'N "Spicy" - Lil Smokey jerky. Oh yea, be on the lookout for something different from Ed's in the near future!!


Anonymous said...

Question - so my sister's a jerky fanatic and I'd like to buy her a basket o' jerky as a thank you gift. I think in general she prefers classic flavors, or maybe some with a some kick or soy based, but nothing too outlandish like spicy mango or whatever...what would you recommend? Also would like to use a place that ships pretty quickly. The best jerky i've had, my aunt used to make - and it always tasted really beefy but dry and crispy, which would turn juicy/chewy. It seems this might be of that style? http://www.beefjerkyland.com/2009/12/robertsons-real-beef-jerky-hickory.html
My question is whether it still has a strong beef taste? I guess I'd just prefer something that tastes almost homemade. Thanks so much beforehand. -p

Anonymous said...

This is the best beef jerky I've ever had. After about 5 packets of Ed's Sweet Black Pepper jerky, I decided to try something different. I thought it couldn't get any better than the sweet black pepper but it really was. Most other sweet and spicy jerky are either too spicy or are not sweet enough. It's just amazing how Ed manages to get a consistent meat, sweetness and spiciness for every single piece in this jerky.

Anonymous said...

No estŠ± seguro de que esto es verdad:), pero gracias a un cargo.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the best tasting jerkies out there!
I love the apple smoke flavor not at all overpowering just right.


Anonymous said...

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Eds jerky is one of the best we have tried. It's not dry,crumbly or over salty like most brands of jerky we have bought. My husband loves this Sweetn Spicy and I like the Sweet Black Pepper it's very hard to put the bag down once you start. We order a pound of each every month and it last about a ten days! Sometimes haha.

Joan & John, Calif

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detox said...

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Anonymous said...

I ordered some of this about two weeks ago for my girl friend along with my order of hot stuff, I enjoyed it a lot! I would give it an A myself, for great flavor and an excellent chew even tho I like my jerky really HOT like Eds Inferno now thats HOT Jerky.


Hot Peppa, Feel The Heat!!!!

Linda said...

When I used to dehydrate beef jerky with my dehydrator, I used to use this flavor from Wild Joe's, but now it's no longer available! Missing it for sure.

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