Monday, June 07, 2010

Mahogany Beef Jerky - Sweet & Spicy

Mahogany Beef Jerky - Sweet & Spicy

Grade: B-

I've tried a lot of "Sweet & Spicy" flavored beef jerkys in my time, and most of the time the jerky ends up being just "sweet" or just "spicy" without combining the two together. I'm happy to say that Mahogany's Sweet & Spicy jerky mixes the two together perfectly. When you first start chewing the jerky the sweetness hits your taste buds and you think to yourself, hmm, this is a nice sweet jerky. Then after chewing a while, the spiciness hits your taste buds and you feel the heat. Then you finish the jerky with a nice taste of sweetness in your mouth and the lingering heat of the spiciness. In fact, I finished eating a piece of this jerky about a minute ago and I still feel a little heat in my mouth. Don't be scared off if you dislike jerky too hot, this jerky does pack heat, but it's not enough to scare off wimps like me.

Reading the ingredients on the bag, it inclues honey, brown sugar, pineapple juice, cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce along with others. While I can't taste those individual ingredients separately, the mixture makes for a very good sweet & spicy flavor. The jerky is a "wetter" style jerky, probably due to all the liquid ingredients it uses as a marinade. The ONLY problem I have with this jerky that drags it down to a B-, is that some pieces are thick and are hard to chew. Now, once you break it down and chew a while, it becomes easier, but I wish it were thinner and easier to eat.

You can get this jerky at Mahogany's website.. A 4 ounce bag cost me $8.95, and when you include shipping the price does get high. Looking around the site I see that Mahogany sells all type of goodies, so you may want to check it out for yourself. In summary, a good jerky that could have been better if it were easier to chew.

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