Monday, June 07, 2010

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky - "Natural" Style

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky - "Natural" Style

Grade: A

This is another great flavor from Wild Joe's. I recently found out about Wild Joe's by accident, when I was just surfing around random beef jerky sites, and so far with the two flavors that I tried, I'm glad I found them. This jerky is on the dryer side, but it's not overly dry. The dryness makes for a great chew and once you start chewing it moistens up nicely. The thing I found unusual about the jerky's taste is that it tastes a lot like Mingua Brothers beef jerky. Maybe they use they same type of Soy Sauce based marinade, but it's scary how close this tastes like Mingua Brothers. You can definitely tell the marinade they use is Soy Sauce based, but along with that taste, you can taste garlic flavor in the jerky. The Soy flavor and other seasonings make a great flavor when you chew the jerky. I can definitely go through a whole bag of this jerky in one sitting. So if you're wondering, if this jerky and Mingua Brothers tastes almost the same, why I gave this jerky an A and Mingua Brothers a B , it's because Mingua Brothers jerky is more greasy and the flavor is stronger than Wild Joe's. I really don't think you'll be disappointed in this jerky if you like a dryer style jerky.

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky can be bought on their website, A half pound of Wild Joe's is $15.00, when you include shipping the price can get high, but it's an awesome jerky, so to me it's worth the little extra you'll pay.

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Beef Jerky Samples said...

Hello, I'm Jemini from New York.I just want to say Wild Joe's Beef jerky is the best in the world. My brother introduced it to me and now i eat at least a bag a week.
keep it up- you can't be beat!Thanks for the post!

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