Thursday, June 03, 2010

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky - Prime Rib Flavor

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky - Prime Rib Flavor

Grade: A

I recently ordered some jerky from Wild Joe's Beef Jerky and included in the order that was sent was some samples of other flavors of jerky. It's really classy when a company does include a few small sample size bags of their products, and it's a great way to promote their other flavors. They included 2 small bags of the Prime Rib Flavor of their jerky. The jerky is on the dryer side (which I personally love), the jerky does moisten up when you start chewing it just like a good jerky should. When eating the jerky, no particular flavor overpowers the other flavors, which in my book is a good thing! The flavors mesh well together with the natural meat flavor of the jerky. I love a jerky that has a nice natural meat flavor, and this one fits the bill. There is a very tiny bit of spiciness, but it's very faint. Now, I don't think it tastes like "Prime Rib", but it's a very good tasting jerky, that I will definitely buy in the future. Please remember that I like my jerky on the "dryer" thin side with a natural meat flavor as opposed to a thick "wet" jerky, so keep that in consideration of my review.

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky can be bought on their website.. When looking at their website, I notice that you can buy most of their flavors in the 3.5 ounce size, but can only get the "Prime Rib Flavor" in the half pound size for $15.00. When you include shipping it isn't the cheapest jerky out there but I've learned a long time ago, that it's not always better to go cheaper. Again, this jerky is a great "dryish" jerky, with great flavors that mesh together well and makes for a flavorful and awesome jerky!

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